Mark Lower, whose real name is Quentin, was born on June 21, 1995. Unabashed music addict since childhood, Mark started djing at the age of 11 and has since built up an unparalleled musical depth of knowledge. His influences include Madonna, Muse, Michael Jackson and Chromeo..

In 2008, he met Thomas Leclercq, better known as Man Of Goodwill, with whom he started producing electronic music. First producing progressive house and electro house; Mark's taste has been refined over time and he has been producing Deep House and Nu-Disco since 2012. However, it was in 2013 that his career marked a real turning point with his track “Bad Boys Cry” which featured vocals from Scarlett Quinn, was signed to Nurvous Records. Bad Boys Cry, has had nearly 10 million views on You Tube, to date. His second release on Nurvous Records rapidly climbed the Beatport charts after a few days of release, and was still in the top50 after 3 months.

2014 saw the release of his long awaited debut album “Mark Lover” which was accompanied by a feature interview on Beatport. The album peaked at #4 in the Beatport Album chart with 3 tracks making it into the Nu-Disco Top100. This year, he also had remixes released on Spirit Soul Records and Enormous Tunes, Indiana Tones and Great Stuff to name but a few...


Upside Down (ft. Veselina Popova) (Green Valley Records, 2015)

On A Mission (ft. Scarlett Quinn) (Sakura Music, 2015)

Time To Be Free (Mark Lower Remix) (Hedkandi, 2015)

Feel It (ft. Constantinne &  Felten) (Sakura Music, 2015)

Promises (ft. Kasual) (Spirit Soul Records, 2015)

This Love Won’t Fade / The One You Like (ft. Yota) (Nurvous Records, 2015)

Like A Prayer (ft. Scarlett Quinn) (Nurvous Records, 2015)

Time To Be Free (ft. Man Of Goodwill) (Enormous Tunes, 2015)

Mark Lower Presents Mark Lover (Nurvous Records, 2014)

I Got A Dream (Spirit Soul Records, 2014)

Tell Me (ft. Red.F) (Spirit Soul Records, 2014)

The Way That I Feel (Nurvous Records, 2013)

Bad Boys Cry (Hedkandi, 2013)

Bad Boys Cry (Nurvous Records, 2013)


Sandy Dae - Losing Myself (Enormous Tunes, 2016)

Ben Delay & Alexandra Price - The Boy Is Mine (Nurvous Records, 2016)

Rober Gaez - Lay On You (Milk & Sugar Records, 2015)

West.K & Saccao - Don’t Call Me (Sakura Music, 2015)

Medsound & LeFlex - Summertime (Media Blackout, 2015)

Jumbo P - Mesmerize (Neon Stardust Recordings, 2015)

James Morison - Shadows (Nurvous Records, 2015)

Fabo - Washed (Great Stuff, 2015)

Horny United - Heartbreaker (Attractive Music, 2015)

Heavy Pins & Stage Rockers - Remember You (Spirit Soul Records, 2015)

Bluefin ft. Katerina - In My Head (Critical Mass, 2015)

Matvey Emerson & Gosha - All I Want Is You (Spirit Soul Records, 2015)

Frey - Lovin’ U (Indiana Tones, 2015)

Nelson Leeroy & Leee John - No More Lies (Soul Spirit Music, 2014)

Matvey Emerson & Rockaforte - Dreams (Lovestyle Records, 2014)

Nora En Pure - True (Enormous Tunes, 2014)

Flutters - Those Days Are Over (Adult Music, 2014)

Man Of Goodwill - An Abyss Of You (Spirit Soul Records, 2014)

Kasual & Rasmus Juul - Got No Rhythm (Spirit Soul Records, 2014)

Croatia Squad - Get You Off (Enormous Tunes, 2014)

Lastraw & JazzyFunk - Darkest Nights (Kiez Beats, 2014)

Xandl - Wanna Give You My Love (Spirit Soul Records, 2014)

Max Lyazgin - Soul Ties (Indiana Tones, 2014)

Inner Rebels - Always There (Prison Entertainment, 2013)